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Information for New Zealand based education providers and businesses:

If you are a New Zealand based education provider or business, we can help you increase the number of international students you recruit offshore/onshore. One of the many stages in recruiting students is a positive outcome on the student visa application lodged by your prospective student, and this stage requires time, expertise and experience. While many students may be able to secure an offer letter for the course of their choice without a student recruitment agent’s help, their ability to enrol at your institution is dependent on the outcome of their visa application. You can outsource this process to us as we have authorised and expert teams who can handle this process for you. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Information for recruitment organizations:

If you are an existing organisation involved in recruiting students for international study destinations or an organisation aspiring to enter into a similar business, we can contribute to your success to help you achieve your business goals. We can assist you in many ways, including process analysis and improvement, strategy development, staff training and operational improvement. Our expert teams are always available to give solutions to fulfil your business needs. Contact us for further information.

We are our region’s leading student recruitment and education consulting company that undertakes students’ recruitment from India for various education providers and partners across the globe.

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