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Rajesh Kapoor

Chairman and Director

Rajesh has worked with leading multinational companies at various levels, including senior management positions. After more than 2 decades of a successful career, he took voluntary retirement in order to pursue his passion for entrepreneurship.
As the Chairman and Director of the company, he provides leadership and oversees the company’s governance. Lauded for his dynamic, pioneering and innovative genius, Rajesh is an inspiring leader with sterling qualities. His vast experience and discernment have been instrumental in the growth of the company and his wisdom has always inspired the entire team of Aten Studies. He is regarded as a torchbearer for responsible entrepreneurship, with a strong focus on ‘Doing Well and Doing Good’, a philosophy that has created long-term value for the company’s stakeholders.

We are our region’s leading student recruitment and education consulting company that undertakes students’ recruitment from India for various education providers and partners across the globe.

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Acme Institute Tower Building, Dev Samaj College Road, Ferozepur City - 152002, Punjab, India
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